Fight inequality, beat poverty

Fight inequality, beat poverty

The COVID-19 vaccine must be free for everyone.

The Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on all our lives. While we are each doing our part toprevent the spread, and while frontline healthcare workers risk their lives to care for the sick, researchers are racing to find the one thing that will protect all of us in the long run a vaccine.

The vaccine will become the currency of life and death. Nearly every person on the planet will need it to stay safe. And it’s the only way to prevent another pandemic.

We must ensure everyone on the planet gets the vaccine as quickly as possible and free of charge.

What’s at risk? That the richest will be allowed to buy themselves protection, while the rest of us -and particularly women, girls and the poorest -get pushed to the back of the line..

Tell world leaders that we cannot put a price on global immunity. The vaccine must be available to everyone, in every country, free of charge.


To world leaders,
When a COVID-19 vaccine is found, it must be free and fairly distributed to everyone on the planet.

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